Born in 2009, Bassi is the brainchild of Jean-Daniel Lafleur and Jean-Michel Cauvin. An ambition for a Montreal-based, multi-cultural union of both modern Japanese elegance and classic Italian charm led to the creation of the Bassi Frames.

Designed to singularly fit both their cravings for the perfect custom-build, the frames are light and flexible to fit any cycling you desire. The hand-made steel frames are build from quality materials, and can be customized and combined with any number of stunning custom parts. At Bassi Bikes we are passionate about light and fast forms for the cycling enthusiast.


Today’s Bassi aficionados range from first-timers to hard-core cyclists, urban and rural alike, with a common love for the sleek style of the Bassi frame, paired with new and recovered fittings. Bassi sightings on the city streets of Montreal are now common occurrence, with avid biking innovators putting their own unique ideas on the road.